Credit: The Quad City Times

How necessary are court reporters to the outcome of one’s case? More than many people realize. Court reporters record each and every word said during a legal proceeding and put them in a transcript for attorneys to use for reviewal at a later date. This allows attorneys to move on to the next step of their case with a firm grasp of the information in front of them.

This is just one aspect of how a court reporter can make a massive difference in the outcome of an attorney’s case. On our page “Do I Need a Court Reporter?” we lay out even more ways a quality attorney can impact a case. Visit the page to learn more about what court reporters do, their skillset, and what makes them a better option than a recording device.

“Unbelievable handling of a last-minute video deposition,” one of our clients says. “The great team at Anderson Reporting pulled a videographer and reporter out their hats and were on the record in just over an hour after our emergency call. Very impressive service!”
Each and every one of Anderson Reporting’s court reporters are guaranteed to be dedicated, accurate, timely, and efficient. Learn more about our stellar staff by contacting us today.