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Anderson Reporting is the premiere court reporting company in Columbus, Ohio. For decades now, attorneys in the Columbus area, and even across Ohio, have turned to Anderson for our fast and accurate court reporters, our top-tier litigation technology, and our unmatched level of customer service

As a partner of the National Network Reporting Company, or the NNRC, we are equip to provide our renowned service to not just the people of Columbus, not just the people of Ohio, but to attorneys nationwide. No matter where in the nation a client is, they can schedule the same level of quality customer service that they expect from Anderson’s stellar staff.

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  • Court Reporter
  • Videographer
  • Interpreter
  • Subpoena
  • Conference Room
  • Videoconference Facility

Litigation support has never been more reliable. For any and all of your legal needs, contact us today, and we will provide you the support you require to win your case.