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When Anderson Reporting first formed in the late ’80s, clients had to rely on phone calls and faxing to schedule a service. As the years went by, emailing became a great option for attorneys who perhaps couldn’t step out of meetings to make a call.

These options both have their problems. As mentioned above, making phone calls can be reliant on office hours. While emails eliminate that problem, one can’t be certain that the email won’t get lost somewhere along the line– and let’s not even start with faxing. What’s more, with all three it can be difficult to discern what exactly an attorney needs to provide to schedule a service.

Our mobile-friendly scheduling form eliminates all these problems. When a client selects this option, they find precisely what information they need to provide in order to schedule the services they require. It’s all laid out in an easy-to-navigate format that clients simply fill out and submit.

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This page is not limited to office hours like other scheduling options. Clients can schedule a litigation support service at any time, no matter where they are. Whether on their laptops at home or in line for coffee on their phones, clients can schedule a service. It’s really that easy.

No matter what service you require, Anderson Reporting can provide the litigation support service you require. To learn more about our services, peruse our website, or contact us today.