Depositions are a crucial part of the legal process. As an invaluable step in the discovery phase, depositions allow attorneys to better formulate a strategy to help their client win their case. Attorneys gather a complete profile of facts and testimonies to have on file. They may even call upon witnesses and question them under oath. Everything is recorded in a transcript that can be analyzed at a later date.

With all these facts at their disposal, attorneys can take the information they’ve garnered from their deposition to craft a cohesive narrative for the courtroom. The deposition process can also be used as a sort of “practice run” for witnesses. It allows attorneys to go over what was said with their witness to ensure that the story remains consistent once they get to trial.

A consistent story makes for a stronger case. Staying truthful and holding one’s ground will make it harder for the opposing counsel to find any flaw in the case. By using your transcript for reviewal, you will guarantee a solid case.

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