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Ohio Videoconferencing


The ability to videoconference over far distances is a powerful resource to the 21st century attorney. Here at Anderson Reporting Services, Inc, our office locations are equipped with high-speed videoconferencing technology enabled in our available conference suites. With previously out of reach locations now at your disposal instantaneously, your team will have access to a full visual collaboration experience without incurring costly travel expenses.

Now from your home, office, or anywhere in the world with a high-speed Internet connection you can:

  • Follow depositions and proceedings in real-time
  • View live transcripts
  • Pass notes to your team from wherever you are

Videoconferencing is a crucial means of communication that allow for the following assemblies to take place with ease:

  • Mediationsoffice1
  • Trial preparations
  • Expert testimonies
  • Co-counsel meetings
  • Recruitment interviews
  • Settlement conferences
  • Key witness and other depositions


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