Deposition Basics

Understanding The Deposition Process

A Deposition Is Key For Trial Preparation

deposition_16_editAlthough it is not a guaranteed part of any courtroom trial, depositions are an important aspect of formulating the best strategies to win your case. As a part of the conduct discovery phase, Depositions are gathered in order for legal professionals to compile a full profile of facts and testimonies regarding their current case. Depositions are considered a formal investigation and every called-upon witness are questioned under oath. During the deposition, everything said is taken down in a written transcript that can be used for later analysis.

What A Deposition Does

trial_prepDepositions are a way of drafting a cohesive narrative of events to present in the courtroom. Part of the deposition can be considered a practice session for the witness to go over their testimony should they need to present it in court, while the main purpose of a deposition is meant to be an investigative operation for the opposing legal counsel.

Ensuring A Solid Case for Trial

secure_computerIn order to keep your case solid, it is best if your story remains consistent. In addition, remind your witness to speak slowly and carefully when being questioned and to let the attorney finish asking their questions before answering. So long as the answers are truthful, “I don’t know” is an acceptable answer, and asking for clarification if an attorney’s question is vague or unclear is also an encouraged tactic to give an unvarying deposition.

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