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What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a great way for companies to reach out to potential clients through mediums where most consume their media– PC, tablet, or smartphone. It includes videos on the client site, online advertisements that run across social media sides, and even video streaming.

Is video length really important?

Absolutely. Most customers will only pay attention to an advertisement that is less than one minute, so it is important that your videos be short and to the point. We advise keeping your advertisements around 30 seconds, so you can grab their attention and tell them why your services are superior to competitors without boring them. The key is to tailor your video to the feeling you want to garner from your potential customers.

Can I prove return on investment with video marketing?

After your video campaign has been circulating, there are a few things you can study to prove that the video marketing really made a difference. Make sure you keep an eye on social media engagement, number of leads the video(s) generated, campaign scoring results, and conversion rates.

Who should the video be developed for?

Your video campaign should be tailored with your buyers and social community in mind. Your video should be centered around the needs of your customer, because this is truly your target audience. Make sure you really think about who your target audience is, what they expect, where they congregate online, and what their needs really are.

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