What To Look For in an Ohio Court Reporting and Litigation Support Firm

What To Look For in an Ohio Court Reporting and Litigation Support Firm

At Anderson Reporting Services, Inc. we often get inquiries based on the coherence and professionalism exhibited by our variety of court reporting and litigation support teams. Clients will specifically ask what to look for when choosing a new court reporting and litigation support firm if they are looking to continue with quality court reporting services. Here at Anderson’s, we have worked hard to provide a resource that sustains excellent court reporting experiences by compiling a list of key attributes any good court reporting firm should exemplify.

Capable Court Reporters

The first thing to examine is the firm’s court reporters. These experienced professionals should all be licensed and certified with at least a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) Certification, if not the more ideal Certified Court Reporter (CSR) or Certified Real-time Reporter (CRR) license, which guarantees their ability to record at least 200 words per minute (WPM).

Court reporters should also embody those aspects that lend themselves to be a positive emissary for their profession with their skilled proofreading, editing, and researching, as well as showing great care with spelling and any important details relevant to the case. In addition, they should always be professionally dressed, easy to work with, have a confident and accurate disposition, a polite and respectful temperament, and the propensity to be on time.

Online Services

The firm you are looking at should have an up-to-date, easy-to-read website, with vital tools such as online deposition scheduling, a client login feature, and an online repository for documents, transcripts, your video library, and exhibits with 24/7 remote access so that you can connect on the go. Ideally, their website should be a fully coherent resource for your staff.








Host of Litigation Support Solutions

An important feature of the modern court-reporting firm is offering full litigation services. A good quality firm will incorporate modern technologies into these services for a better overall product. Options such as video conferencing, interpreting, legal videographer services with an on-hand technical support staff, file libraries and easily searchable indexing should be readily available to you and your team. And although it has never been easier to communicate with people in distant locations, there is no reason why you should have to deal with multiple court reporting firms when one will do all that you require.

Readily Available Transcripts

At the very least, every court-reporting firm should be able to provide a transcript that meets the minimum transcription format set by the state with each transcript as concise and accurate as possible. But the leading court-reporting firm should be able to provide your team with excellent transcripts in a variety of format options. E-transcripts, condensed transcripts, rough drafts, and classic paper transcripts should all be at your disposal, and paper transcripts should always be delivered promptly and on-time in a format that can easily be unbound.

Prior to any of this, however, the court reporting firm you are looking at working with should’ve outlined their delivery policies so that you are fully aware of what to expect before starting your working relationship. Ideally, a great court-reporting firm will ensure prompt deliveries in order to provide your team with relevant, useable resources.

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