Anderson Reporting’s incredible staff is equip to provide quality, verbatim transcript for any legal proceedings. Whether a court reporter is needed for a deposition, hearing, EUO, trial, or anything else, our staff is guaranteed to provide an accurate, well-formatted transcript every time. The transcript is always sent off in the client’s format of choice– be it paper or electronic– within the requested time frame.

When you schedule a certified realtime reporter (CRR), our professionals will translate the testimony and deliver a live feed of it to a laptop, iPad, mobile device, and even a projector.

Court reporters are used for more than just ease– in fact, they can make or break an attorney’s following legal proceedings. To win a case, an attorney needs to know exactly what was said, and how it was said, so they can have an impactful counter. Without it, they will most certainly lose, letting down their clients. With a typing speed of over 200 words a minute, our Columbus court reporters are able to notate exactly what was said, who said what, and what it was significant.

To learn more about how court reporters are crucial to the outcome of an attorney’s face, visit our page titled “Do I Need a Court Reporter?”