Since its founding more than three decades ago, Anderson Reporting Services has emerged as an industry leader for court reporting in Ohio and across the Midwest. The female-owned company’s dedication to precision and excellence has helped to separate it from many of its peers, making it one of the leaders in the Columbus court reporting field. For years, law firms, attorneys and lawyers in the Columbus area have known that they can rely upon Anderson’s team in a pinch to come through with transcripts, support documents, legal videos or other media that will help them advance their cases.

Led by Gayle Anderson, a Past President of the Ohio Court Reporters Association, Anderson Reporting Services features the highest level of professionalism, which has helped the company grow and expand over the last 30 years. The firm’s court reporters in Ohio follow the example set by Ms. Anderson and strive to match the standard she has set in the industry in all their interactions with clients.

The firm’s Ohio court reporters work in cities across the state, assisting lawyers on litigation and other types of cases through the Buckeye State. They work on cases in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton and other cities and towns across the state.

The firm provides numerous services to assist law firms and legal professionals as they pursue civil litigation or other types of cases across Ohio. Anderson Reporting’s court reporters conduct remote depositions of witnesses, both character witnesses and material witnesses. They work with lawyers and law firms on research for cases, as well as assisting with photography and videography for cases to visually document evidence that can be presented during a trial. Anderson Reporting Services produces video documentaries, PowerPoint presentations, printed trial boards and other visual media to help its clients make strong and compelling arguments in court.

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