In recent years, legal video has become a key aspect of many depositions and trials. Having the ability to look back on what was said during legal proceedings is an invaluable resource that allows attorneys to build a solid case and witnesses to build an impenetrable testimony.

Even with the importance of legal video so prevalent in today’s legal world, many aren’t exactly sure what it entails. This is why the staff at Anderson Reporting developed a page entirely dedicated to frequently asked questions about legal video. Here, attorneys, paralegals, and any other legal professionals can find easy to comprehend answers for some of the biggest questions revolving around video depositions.

Here are biggest concerns surrounding legal video.

  • Why record a deposition, and how is it used?
  • Are deposition videographers certified?
  • Can deposition video be used instead of live testimony?
  • How should a witness prepare for their video deposition?
  • What is deposition synchronizing?

The page was designed as an easily-digestible resource for anyone who needs it. In just a few minutes, readers can have the answers they need to the most pressing questions surrounding legal video. Learn more about legal video by visiting the page.