Do I Need a Court Reporter or Transcription Service?






Do I need a court reporter or a transcription service for my case?

Many may think court reporting and transcription services are interchangeable, but they couldn’t be more different. Court reporting involves a court reporting professional being present for a legal proceeding in order to record exactly what was said, as it is being said. They then translate the transcript from shorthand into “real English” for the client. Transcription services occur after a legal proceeding, and can only occur if the client recorded the proceeding via audio and video. The transcriptionist listens along to record what was said.

So, when should you hire a court reporting versus a transcription service?

Book a court reporter when…

  • You want someone who can keep up with your legal proceedings
  • You want to ensure the transcript is clean the first time
  • You know you want the transcript in your hands as soon as possible

Book a transcription service when…

  • You recorded the legal proceedings and wish you had a transcript
  • You want to sync the video up with the transcript via captions
  • You have other business meetings that need notes

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