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Specializing in Public Health Law, Medical Malpractice and Other Health Cases for Attorneys and Law Firms in Ohio!

Over its many years of service, Anderson Reporting has represented a number of attorneys specializing in health law. Our staff knows how important it is that the health industry be properly regulated, so that each and every person can receive the medical health they deserve. We don’t care about the money behind it all, we care about the ethics, and keeping America safe and healthy.

With Anderson Reporting, attorneys and paralegals can be confident that they are selecting a court reporting professional who has an in-depth understanding of their area of practice. Our court reporters are dedicated to their work, and your case. Anderson offers a wide variety of litigation services, including realtime deposition transcripts, videography, and more, so that each and every one of our clients needs can be fulfilled by one of the most trusted firms in the nation.

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Bioethics

  • Health & Social Justice

  • Public Health

  • Consent

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