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Across the nation, people are returning to their jobs– but things are different. We are still in a global pandemic, meaning we all still have to be cautious. Whether your firm has returned to the office, or looking to do so soon, there are important steps everyone should take to keep themselves, their co-workers, and their families safe.

  • Remember to stay socially distant. Experts recommend keeping six feet between yourself and others whenever possible. This distance should be far enough that projectiles from speaking or sneezing should not affect you.
  • Wear a mask. In the instance that you can’t keep six feet between yourself an others, wearing a mask over your mouth and nose should keep you safe. Doing both is the best way to keep safe.
  • Wash your hands. Remove germs from your body by washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. If, for whatever reason, you can’t wash your hands, keep hand-sanitizer handy and use that.
  • Be smart. If something seems like it might not be the safest decision (such as attending a conference in-person), consider sticking to your gut and not doing whatever that thing may be.

.Some court reporting firms now offer socially distant in-person depositions. This usually means spacing out desks in a large room so everyone can meet face-to-face while keeping safe at their own desk.

Learn more about what we’re doing to keep everyone safe, contact us today.


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