The Basics of a Successful Deposition






Why are Depositions So Important?

What is a Deposition?

Depositions act as a sort of formal investigations. Attorneys use depositions to gather a complete profile of facts and testimonies that involve a certain case. Every called upon witness is questioned under oath. Court reporters record the questions and answers as they transpire into an accurate transcript that both legal counsels can use for later analysis. While they are not necessary, they are an invaluable resource for most cases.


What is the Purpose of a Deposition?

By holding a deposition, attorneys can craft a more concise narrative to use in the court room. Witnesses are able to go over what should be said in court, but the opposing counsel can use this opportunity to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the supposed story. Discrepancies between the deposition and in-court testimony allow the opposing counsel to poke holes in the story, and make them apparent to the judge and jury. 

Guarantee a Solid Defense

A consistent case is an impenetrable case. Since the opposing counsel wishes to find problems in your story, it is best to give them no room to find problems. The best thing a witness can do is tell the truth. Remind your witness to speak slowly and clearly when being questioned, and to let the attorney finish speaking before answering. If a question is unclear it is completely acceptable to ask for clarification so to give the best answer possible.

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