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How does realtime reporting differ from what many view as “regular” court reporting? It’s a question that comes up often enough, but tends to go unanswered, and while the difference is quite simple, it is substantial. With realtime reporting, the transcript is immediately available to clients. Instead of a court reporter having to go back and “translate” their phonetics into “real English” at a later date, a realtime court reporter’s work is instantly translated and can even be delivered to attorneys and judges on the spot through computer programming.

This lends to a higher degree of difficulty, as a realtime reporter must be as accurate as possible for a transcript to be accurately translated. There are a number of benefits to hiring a realtime reporter, and at Anderson Reporting, we will guarantee that your needs are exceeded..

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The Pros of Realtime Reporting:

  • The transcript is immediately available to be emailed or printed following the adjourning of a trial or deposition.
  • Transcripts can be displayed over a monitor in real time for the judge and attorneys to see, which is a great resource for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.
  • A court reporter can sync their equipment to the attorney’s laptop, allowing them the transcript up close. This allows them to look over notes when necessary, without having to pause proceedings.
  • Attorneys and judges can easily search key words and phrases in a document, making the summarization process simple.

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