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​The Highest Standard of Reporting

​A great court reporting firm is an important role in today’s courtroom trials and litigation strategies. In order to do the best by your team and clients, ensure that the court reporting firm of your choice exemplifies the same standard of commitment and professionalism that you look for. Before a successful working relationship can occur, take the time to ensure that your chosen court reporting agency follows some of the same quality standards and services we provide here at Anderson Reporting Services, Inc.

Certified Court Reporters

​Court reporters in the United States are certified by the NCRA or National Court Reporting Association. They may have anywhere from a Registered Professional Reporter certification to a Certified Realtime Reporter License.


NCRA certified court reporters should have at least an RPR certification and be able to type at 180-200 words per minute.


All court reporters should represent themselves and their profession well by dressing appropriately for a courtroom setting.


Their manner should show confidence and accuracy while being polite, respectful, and easy to work with.


Court reporters should show proficiency in proofreading, editing, and researching with a care for spelling and important details.

Quality Transcripts

Transcripts are an indispensable tool when it comes to analyzing crucial case components and keeping a detailed record of everything said. A court reporting firm should be able to produce and deliver a full transcript to your team in multiple formats within a timely fashion.


Transcripts should always meet the minimum transcript format set up by the state.


Physical transcripts should be delivered on time in a configuration that is easily unbound.


Transcripts, E-transcripts, rough drafts, etc, should always be concise and accurate to the best of the court reporter’s ability.


All court reporting firms should be open about their policies and schedules and use their prompt deliveries as a way to keep your team on schedule.

Complete Litigation Support

In today’s competitive field, quality court reporting firms have found it important to be a part of the litigation process from the beginning to the end. Because of this, many court reporting agencies now offer full litigation services in order to provide legal professionals with consistent assistance.


Part of these services is to include data storage and record keeping through the firm’s website. There should be a client login with 24/7 remote access for on-the-go needs.


Deposition and conference suites should be available for last minute scheduling.


Short notice availability, interpreting services, multi-media presentations, and legal video services should also be on the list of provided services.


Because today’s technology develops so quickly, your chosen court reporting firm should have a team of technicians on hand to ensure that all systems are synching correctly.


They should also be using the latest CAT programs and be able to transfer all transcriptions to your team in the format you require.

ARS provides top notch court reporting and legal videography around Central Ohio and beyond! Happy to be part of an amazing team of legal service professionals.

-Dan M.

Great place to stage a video conference.

-Charles F.

Unbelievable handling of a last-minute video deposition. The great team at Anderson Reporting pulled a videographer and reporter out their hats and were on the record in just over an hour after our emergency call. Very impressive service!

-Steve F.



Our highly experienced professionals are dedicated to providing quality, verbatim transcripts.


Conduct a deposition from the comfort of your home.


We produce a superior record in any format you choose.


Connect with your legal team from anywhere.



Take your trial to the next level with Anderson Trial Presentation Solutions.


See your transcript in real time during your trial or deposition.

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