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It’s been more than a year and a half since the global pandemic shook the world. Everyday we get a better handle on what can be done help us navigate this new world, but things are ever changing, and all industries have learned to adapt.

For those within the realm of law, remote depositions have become an essential part of how we function. Given how important they are to our function in this day and age, a major question arises: are remote depositions here to stay? The short answer is “yes” but there are other things that must be considered.


Before the pandemic, remote depositions (and work as a whole) was seen as something that would lead to less productivity, but it has proven to be far from that. When in-person proceedings were not allowed to take place, remote depositions were the only way that cases could continue. Once the initial technological bumps were worked out, the remote deposition process moved quite smoothly.

Remote depositions have shown their worth, and it appears that worth will remain prevalent even after the pandemic has passed. Even as workers return to their offices, it is likely remote depositions will continue to be an option that connect legal professionals who work at opposite ends of the state, or even the country. They allow for far more flexibility that saves all parties involved not only time, but money that would otherwise have been spent on travel.

While frequent remote meetings and deposition often cause what is known as “Zoom-fatigue,” when combined with in-person depositions as the pandemic lets up, remote depositions will prove to be a great resource for attorneys, expert witnesses, or other legal experts who perhaps can’t be physically present.

With remote depositions clearly growing to be an essential aspect of the world of law, what comes next? Could full jury trials take place in a remote setting? This is a bit more tenuous than a remote deposition. With a full trial, juror attendance and court rules must be taken into account on top of what is already considered during a remote deposition. It is unclear if this is the next step in the world of litigation, but it is one that courts across the country have tested sparingly.

For the time being, remote depositions have firmly planted their place in the world of law as an essential service court reporting firms offer. If you require a remote deposition service with the best Columbus court reporters, contact Anderson Reporting first. We use the best tech in the business to guarantee crisp audio and visuals, video and text options, and so much more.

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