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The world of law is quick and unforgiving. When an attorney needs a litigation support service, they need it fast. They can’t afford to wait on hold for however long, or to play email ping-pong with a litigation support firm. This is why online booking engines (especially the mobile-friendly variety) have become commonplace to court reporting websites. No matter where an attorney is– be they at their desk, in line for coffee, brushing their teeth, or in another country– they can schedule a service in just a few clicks of a button.

At Anderson Reporting, providing attorney with the top-notch litigation service they deserve is one of the foundations of our business. This extends from our court reporting, to our videography, all the way to our scheduling options. We understand how important it is for attorneys to use their time wisely, so we offer one of the most comprehensive online scheduling forms in the business. By providing us key information about yourself, the case, and the required services, we can easily set you up with one of our skilled professionals in just a few minutes. You can select as many or as few services as you would like, anywhere, any time. The form is seamlessly compatible with your mobile phone. As long as you have an internet connection, you can book with the Columbus court reporters you trust.

Schedule your next court reporter,  interpreter, videoconference, internet stream, and so much more with Anderson Reporting on our 24/7 mobile-friendly booking engine. President Gayle Anderson built this firm with the idea that, no matter the length or size of the case, Anderson Reporting would provide attorneys and paralegals of Ohio with the service they deserve. That includes our responsive customer service, and a website designed with the ease of our clients in mind. 

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