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Specializing in Victimless Crimes, Crimes Against Justice and Other Criminal Law Cases for Attorneys and Law Firms in Ohio!

When considering criminal law cases in the state of Ohio, Anderson Reporting has played an integral part in many of them. Our team of experienced and certified real time reporters makes an invaluable addition to any legal team with our in-depth knowledge crimes against property, defenses to liability, and any other number of aspects involved in the field.

Anderson reporting offers a full range of services designed to fulfill any number of litigation needs– including tele-conferencing, realtime depo transcripts, and videography for all cases. Our specialists are guaranteed to make this difficult and stressful job a little bit easier for all involved.

  • Offenses Against the Person

  • Crimes Against Justice

  • Crimes Against Property

  • Crimes Against Animals

  • Victimless Crimes

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