Do I Need a Court Reporter?




Is a Court Reporter Necessary?

In short, yes. Court reporters are key to success. 

There is no way an attorney can remember every fine detail of a case on their own. Often times, they can remember the gist of what was said, but in the world of law “the gist” isn’t enough. To win a case, an attorney needs to know exactly what was said, and how it was said, so they can have an impactful counter. Without it, they will most certainly lose, letting down their clients.

At Anderson Reporting, our court reporters ensure that attorneys have every word from a deposition or trial in the palm of their hand. With a typing speed of over 200 words a minute, our Columbus court reporters are able to notate exactly what was said, who said what, and what it was significant. They then format the transcript into one of their client’s choosing– be it paper or electronic– and send it off to their client within the requested time frame. An accuracy rate of 97.5% ensures that clients will receive the cleanest transcript possible.

Even recording devices cannot keep up with what our court reporters do. Distance from the machine and the speaker may result in audio that is difficult to understand. At times, the listener may be unable to discern between voices, or have a hard time understanding accents. Our court reporters make those uncertainties clear, allowing attorneys to proceed through case work with ease.


Anderson Reporting’s court reporters are:

  • Dedicated

  • Accurate

  • Timely 

  • Efficient

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