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Video synchronization as an essential aspect of any legal video service. This process lines up the client’s legal video with the transcript of one’s legal proceedings (recorded by one of our talented court reporters) so that the transcript appears on screen as captions. This is a fantastic resources for reviewal and formulating the next steps in one’s case.

Synchronized video is also a great addition to an attorney’s multimedia presentation. Utilizing multimedia presentations help get an attorney’s point across in a more complete fashion, as some people need more than one format to fully grasp information. The synchronized audio allows the audience to see and hear exactly what was said, meaning no one is misinterpreted. With these multimedia presentations, attorneys make a bigger impact.


Video synchronization is a great resource for…

  • Easy research of the deposition progress

  • Keyword searches for fast-forwarding or rewind/cuing

  • Playback options for future exhibits and/or courtroom viewing

  • Export of specific video clips to a format of the client’s choice (DVD, CD or MPEG)

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