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What is Trial Presentation?

Court reporting firms do far more than court reporting these days. Many court reporting firms are full-fledged litigation firms with a wide variety of services to fulfill each and every one of their clients’ needs…

Anderson Reporting: A Game-Changing Firm

Court reporters take that struggle away from the already swamped attorney and makes their lives easier—putting together a highly accurate and neat transcript that can be reviewed time and time again…

Anderson Reporting Announces Deposition Checklist

The deposition checklist eliminates that guesswork, saving both the attorney, and the court reporter, time that is so precious in the legal field…


A Survey of Top Legal Professionals in Ohio

The state has a high percentage of highly rated law firms, as well as court reporting firms, proving that Ohio’s legal industry is top-tier all around. So, what are these legal professionals doing right?…

Anderson Reporting Announces Legal Video FAQ

The Columbus court reporters are known for their accurate, timely, and effective reporting, but their videography services are equally as good. 

Anderson Reporting, Columbus Court Reporting Firm

As not only one of the oldest, independently owned court reporting firms across the entire United States, but one of the founding firms of esteemed court reporting resource, the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC), it’s no wonder Anderson Reporting’s quality is unparalleled…

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What are Some Legal Video FAQs?

What are Some Legal Video FAQs?

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