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Realtime Reporting and Other Litigation Support Services for Attorneys and Law Firms in Ohio!

True Realtime Reporting In Ohio

Anderson Reporting Services, Inc. is pleased to offer its clients realtime reporting services. Unlike other forms of court reporting, realtime reporting uses special equipment to translate the transcript from steno into “real English” as it is being recorded. This type of reporting lends to a higher degree of difficulty, as it requires the reporter to be as accurate as possible to produce a correct transcript. 

By syncing up the machine to an attorney’s laptop or a monitor, the legal teal is able to see the transcript as it is being recorded. This is an excellent resource for those hard of hearing, or even visual learners.

With realtime reporting, clients can connect with their own clients and partners around the country.

Precision and Speed

The precision of live realtime depositions enables attorneys and their legal teams to create a more efficient and speedy resolution to casework with expert witnesses and other key figures. Proceedings don’t have to be paused to ask the court reporter to repeat what was said. With the transcript delivered to a laptop or monitor as it is being recorded, attorneys can easily look through their notes for faster callback. 

Building a Winning Case

With Anderson Reporting, you can be sure that all of your important information is communicated to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. A quality transcripts can be the difference between a winning and losing case. With our expert team of reporters, depositions are streamlined.

Contact us today to learn how realtime reporting could benefit your case.

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