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Specializing in Videoconferencing for Attorneys and Law Firms in Ohio!

​At Anderson Reporting, you can be confident your videoconferencing experience will run smoothly. You never have to worry about the internet disconnecting your conference, unclear audio, or static-y visuals. Both parties of the conference benefit greatly from a service with Anderson Reporting. By scheduling a videoconferencing service, no one has to struggle with hours of travel or the funds that come with it. Connect with your legal team, witnesses, and other key players of your case others from the comfort of our Columbus offices

Make your next conference a breeze by scheduling with Anderson Reporting!

  • Complete multi-site coordination
  • High speed Wifi
  • The latest videoconferencing technology
  • Office services
  • Ultra High-Definition Resolution!

Host a Remote Deposition with Us

Stay safe and healthy at home by scheduling a remote deposition with Anderson Reporting.

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