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Specializing in Protected Class, Equal Protections Clause, and Other Civil Rights Cases for Attorneys and Law Firms in Ohio!

Anderson Reporting has represented a number of civil rights cases. It is crucial that every citizen is granted the basic human rights we are guaranteed by the Constitution. Our staff of efficient and experienced court reporters understand each fine aspect of civil rights law, and can help attorneys and paralegals win their cases.

Anderson Reporting offers more than quick and responsive court reporters. The firm also provides a wide range of services– including teleconfrencing, real time deposition transcripts, videography, and more. Any law professional can be confident that no matter the circumstance, Anderson Reporting will providing the resources they need.

At Anderson Reporting, we’ll support any of your civil rights law cases, including…

  • Disparate Treatment

  • Unreasonable Search and Seizure

  • Discrimination

  • Equal Protection Clause

  • Civil Rights Act


Anderson Reporting has been a major aspect of civil rights, personal injury, copyright, and other areas of practice across Ohio. Let us support your next case.

“Unbelievable handling of a last-minute video deposition. The great team at Anderson Reporting pulled a videographer and reporter out their hats and were on the record in just over an hour after our emergency call. Very impressive service!”

Steve F.

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