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Remote Depositions for Attorneys and Law Firms in Ohio!

Remote depositions are the new normal for attorneys and legal professionals across the world. While some might think there is nothing different about remote depositions, there are unique tactics one must take in preparation to help the proceedings run smoothly– especially when it comes to preparing a witness. DO NOT skip this step in your case, because there are major benefits that come from this preparation.

Preparation helps:

  • Reduce witness anxiety
  • Clarify the deponent’s role in the case
  • Guarantee a consistent testimony
  • Identify any tics a witness might have– such as fidgeting– that could be distracting or even suspicious to the opposing counsel.
  • Provide information on handing documents and exhibits

Prior to Your Deposition

  • Notify everyone included (including your witnesses) that you wish to conduct a videoconference deposition. According to Ohio law, “The parties may stipulate . . . that a deposition be taken by telephone or other remote means.” (Ohio R. Civ. P. 30(b)(6))
  • Contact your favorite Columbus, Ohio court reporting firm and inform then that the deposition will be occurring remotely. They will set up the videoconference.
  • Email the exhibits to all parties before the deposition.
  • Remember that you must say on record that the deposition will be conducted remotely by videoconference and the oath will be administered remotely.

Technical Tips

  • You need an external webcam or a device with a built-in webcam.
  • Make sure you have good internet.
  • Close browser windows and programs that you don’t need to avoid interruption or lag in your streaming.
  • If a test reveals problems with your computer audio, call into the videoconference with the telephone number provided by the videconferencing platform.

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